2022 VW Amarok redesign

New-Gen 2022 VW Amarok Won’t Get Electrification

New 2022 VW Amarok will be the next-gen model. However, there will be no electrification for this pickup truck. Amarok was the subject of numerous speculations about getting the electric powertrain. Volkswagen will surely electrify most of its lineup in the coming years, but Amarok is carrying on with the traditional engine options. That includes both gasoline and diesel engines. German manufacturer confirmed these reports and even said that hybridization is also not part of the plans.

Amarok shares its underpinnings with the next-gen Ford Ranger, and it will get a potent V6 diesel engine. Of course, engine lineup depends on the market. Besides that, the new-gen model always introduces exterior redesign and significant interior overhaul. No doubt, the 2022 Amarok is set for drastic changes.

2022 Amarok Redesign

As for the design, the 2022 VW Amarok will look very tough and aggressive. The styling is based on the Atlas Tanoak concept and it looks impressive. On top of that, Amarok features muscular fenders, sharp front fascia and overall, it looks upright. Illuminated LED headlights are in the offer, along with the new and wider grille. The bed is separated from the cabin, a classic body-on-frame pickup truck. Moreover, the rest of this mid-size pickup truck will get various changes, as well.

That includes new wheels, thinner taillights, and much more. Finally, Amarok will get plenty of changes under the shell. German pickup will introduce new suspension and even the new brakes. Many experts believe that the 2022 Amarok will look closer to the new-generation Ford Ranger. Two models will share numerous styling cues and the platform.

2022 VW Amarok exterior

Interior Revamp

So far, the interior details are not available. German manufacturer didn’t say anything about the potential interior changes. However, the 2022 VW Amarok is the new-gen model, and some changes are about to happen. For a start, we can expect more drastic upgrades in terms of comfort and design. Volkswagen will most likely introduce new upholstery and the comfort will be on a higher level.

Furthermore, air vents are finished in a new shape and the dashboard will get a redesign. The mid-size pickup truck could also arrive with a new steering wheel, larger displays, and slightly increased cabin space.

New V6 Diesel and No Electrification

As we said, Volkswagen is on a mission to electrify most of its vehicles. However, the 2022 VW Amarok isn’t one of the models that could introduce the all-electric version. Thanks to that, next-gen Amarok will continue to offer traditional gasoline and diesel engines. Of course, the market will largely determine the engine lineup. However, the German manufacturer will most likely introduce a new V6 powertrain. The new model will share its underpinnings with the next-gen Ford Ranger.

That means the Amarok could get a 2.7-liter twin-turbo gasoline unit and a 3.0-liter V6 diesel. Exact specs are not available yet. However, have in mind the current V6 TDI produces 255 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque. For 2022, Volkswagen promised more power, so the new model could generate 305 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. Lastly, Volkswagen said the hybridization is not a part of the future plans for the mid-size pickup.

2022 VW Amarok Atlas Concept
Volkswagen Atlas Concept

2022 VW Amarok Price and Release Date

The new-gen model will surely cost more than the current one. That means the approaching 2022 VW Amarok could start at $34,000. We are yet to see the exact pricing details. The sales of the mid-size pickup truck will start later in 2021 and Volkswagen will sell it across the globe. The most likely competitors are Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, Isuzu D-Max and Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

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