2021 VW Tarok release date

2021 VW Tarok Heading to the United States?

Atlas Tanoak and Amarok were predicted to become one of VW’s best-selling models. However, Volkswagen has more plans for the American pickup truck market. The 2021 VW Tarok is the latest model that will enter production.  Whilst the truck had a debut in Brazil, Volkswagen has a bigger plan for this model. The German manufacturer is eager to join one of the most lucrative markets.

The concept should be transformed into a production model this year. However, the COVID-19 outbreak rescheduled the brand’s plans. Later than expected, the Tarok pickup is almost ready to arrive. We don’t have too much info about this model, including the price, but Tarok will definitely deliver something new for the buyers.

Engine Specs

During the premiere of the 2021 VW Tarok pickup, the company revealed two kinds of engines. 1.4-liter gasoline is a standard engine with 150 horsepower. An optional drivetrain is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel that delivers 170 hp. Both variants may be part of the US lineup.

However, the Tarok could debut with an electric powertrain, but this is not official yet. On the other hand, many fans will be disappointed because Tarok indeed lacks power. However, a high-performance version could be in the works as well.

2021 VW Tarok specs

2021 Tarok Exterior and Interior

New 2021 VW Tarok will probably arrive with the same architecture that underpins the Tanoak model. However, Tarok will be a smaller pickup truck with a shorter bed. Design-wise, Tarok will feature new LED accents, a Targa-inspired roof bar, and brand-new LED taillights. Similar cues and features can be found in many new brand’s models.

Inside the cabin, Tarok will arrive with plenty of modern amenities, folding rear seats, and the newest infotainment system. However, the cabin is not spacious and the base trim level should arrive with pretty basic stuff.

2021 VW Tarok interior

Pros and Cons

The truck market is growing and it is one of the most lucrative segments at the moment. As a very popular brand,  Volkswagen is willing to enter the race but there are just too many competitors. Some reports are predicting body-on-frame 2021 VW Tarok, which makes more sense. The competition is not that tough but the customers are totally in the unibody models.

This is a good opportunity for VW to introduce itself to a new segment. After building electric crossovers and SUVs, this is an equally important move for the German automaker. Volkswagen is one of the European leaders when it comes to regular cars. However, this segment is slowly dying and a new pickup truck is a perfect answer.

2021 VW Tarok design

2021 VW Tarok Launch Date

The 2021 VW Tarok won’t be available exclusively in South America. After the NY Auto Show, the chance of Tarok arrival in the US increased. The German manufacturer has big plans for the all-electric models and so many concepts are waiting to become a production model. Tarok pickup was supposed to reach American soil in the first half of 2021.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Volkswagen to reschedule its launch. That means the Tarok model could be launched later next year. The price is another mystery, but many reports are predicting a truck that starts below $30,000.

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