Tesla Pickup Truck Concept

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept version could come pretty soon

It looks like Tesla Pickup Truck Concept is next model in the line. The ambitious electric carmaker from California plans to overtake complete car market in the U.S. and trucks are definitely one of the most important segments. The share of these vehicles on the market is critical, so there is no surprise that Tesla prepares its own model for this occasion.

According to latest reports, a concept version could come pretty soon. This model is next in the line, so it should come right after the new Model Y crossovers. We are pretty sure that something is already cooking in the company’s kitchen so this concept could be present already by the end of this year. So far, we don’t know exact details but it seems that the new Pickup Truck Concept will be a full-size truck. This will be definitely the most challenging segment for Tesla so far.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept review

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept design is still unknown

It is hard to even to imagine at the moment how the new Tesla Pickup Truck Concept will look like. We didn’t manage to get any more specific details of the new truck. So, we will rely on rumors and make some of our own prediction. First of all, it is almost for sure that the new truck will enter the most competitive segment, the class of full-size trucks. In this segment, Raptor/Silverado/Ram trio dominates for decades and that will stay for a long time for sure.

So, what will Tesla Pickup Truck Concept have to offer? Most likely, this truck will ride on a unibody architecture, which could be a big deficiency compared to conventional trucks. On the other side, an electric powertrain will bring many benefits for sure. Some reports suggest the new truck be even bigger than these three models, which is actually hard to believe.

Tesla Pickup Truck concept rear view

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept powertrain

Once again, we will rely on speculations. It seems pretty natural for Tesla Pickup Truck Concept to use the same powertrain as Model X. To remind you, this crossover uses a pair of 260-hp electric motors, one for each axle, which is more than enough for great performances. Still, there is even a hi-performance version, where the rear electric motor delivers 503 horsepower, while the front motor remains the same. So, we could expect something similar in the Tesla Pickup Truck Concept.


Speaking of batteries, we are pretty sure that the production version will come with multiple options. Expect even some extra-long range version, capable to make over 250 miles on a single charge.

Tesla Pickup Truck concept review

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept performances

We are still not aware how capable Tesla Pickup Truck Concept will be. Plenty of power is definitely a great benefit. Additional torque is crucial for towing. On the other side, there are few potential deficiencies. First of all, electric vehicles demand a big storage for the battery. In this case, the battery will be most likely positioned behind the cab. This automatically means a smaller bed, so new truck could be in a range with smaller models like Colorado when it comes to payload capacity. Also, it is important to mention that the new model should feature a unibody architecture. This is also critical when it comes to overall performances, since traditional body-on-frame platform, which suits much better for this occasion.

Tesla Pickup Truck Concept release date

As we mentioned, this model should come right after the new mid-size crossover Model Y. So, we could expect to see the Tesla Pickup Truck Concept maybe already this year. In any case, a production version of this truck is almost certain.

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