2020 Tesla Pickup Truck

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck: Elon Musk Confirmed Price Below $50,000

The forthcoming 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck is almost ready to arrive. This model should go on sale at the beginning of 2020. It is one of the most anticipated models in the pickup truck segment. Tesla will look to compete with the Rivian and its R1T model.

However, first reports suggested that these two models will have a similar price. Latest reports suggested that Tesla Pickup Truck will cost below $50,000. This information came as a surprise as R1T model will cost drastically more. Tesla’s new model will arrive with modern design and great mileage. On top of that, the cabin is very luxurious and the ride is quiet and smooth.

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck interior

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck Design

After the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck will look to conquer the market. The manufacturer will apply a lot of SUV’s cues onto the pickup model. Two models will share plenty of stylish features. The pickup truck will look distinctive and unique. On top of that, some parts are looking futuristic and very modern. Tesla will look to deliver a taller ride height and more aggressive styling.

The front fascia will look very stylish and it will wear plenty of chrome accents. The same chrome accents can be found on the door handles and around the windows. Lower parts of the body are offering black trims and the appearance is truly impressive. Tesla will also introduce new tires and new wheels. This pickup truck comes with a cargo bed and you can expect plenty of optional features.

Interior Appearance

We’ve listened for months that the Tesla Pickup Truck will compete in the luxury segment. However, that will not happen. Elon Musk confirmed the 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck will start under $50,000. It is still a lot of money for the base model but the Rivian R1T model will cost significantly more.

For that reason, we are not sure how luxury the cabin will be. Surely, Tesla will deliver upscale design and great comfort. Plenty of soft-touch surfaces and quality materials are available as standard. Moreover, we can bet on plenty of high-tech amenities. Upper trim levels will get even more equipment.

Most of the styling cues are taken from the Model Y and Model X. Interior will definitely look unique. We like the large touchscreen units and all-digital instrument cluster. Thanks to the folding seats, Tesla Pickup Truck will offer plenty of cargo room. For that reason, you can even accommodate longer items. Finally, Tesla’s new model will get a five-star safety rating.

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck rear


We are still waiting for the full powertrain details. The upcoming 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck will surely get great mileage and strong performances. However, Tesla’s promises about the performances are not that realistic. First reports suggested a powertrain that delivers 300 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Fine by us.

On the other hand, Elon Musk promised over 400 horses and driving range of 500 miles per charge. Those figures are unrealistic at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see what specs will this pickup truck present. Tesla’s newest pickup will deploy a dual motor setup with a standard all-wheel-drive system. Elon Musk also claims that this pickup truck will tow up to 300,000 pounds. Such bold claims should be remembered, even though we don’t believe in them.

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck Bed

2020 Tesla Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

The price of the all-new 2020 Tesla Pickup Truck will start at $48,000. Elon Musk confirmed that this pickup will surely start under the $50,000. That came as a huge surprise as first reports suggested a significantly higher price.

That leads us to the new Rivian R1T pickup. Tesla’s biggest rival that will cost over $70,000. The difference in price will do Tesla a huge favor. A new pickup truck will go on sale at the beginning of 2020.

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