2022 Ram Dakota release date

2022 Ram Dakota – What We Know So Far?

According to the latest reports, the new 2022 Ram Dakota will go on sale later in 2021. The times have changed and light-duty trucks are not so popular as ten years ago. Interestingly, Chevy Colorado was the only model in this segment for some time. However, many people saw it as a downgrade from the S-10 model. Both Dodge Dakota and Ford Ranger were discounted by 2012.

Now, Ford is returning its Ranger in the United States and FCA is going to do the same thing with its Dakota nameplate. However, Dakota will now arrive under the RAM badge, and not Dodge’s. This model is definitely happening. However, some things about the new Dakota are still a mystery. On the other hand, we know a couple of things that are certain to happen.

Impressive Interior Design

Back in the days, trucks were offering a shabby interior and Dakota is one fine example of it. However, those days are gone and the new 2022 Ram Dakota will look amazing. It is the only reasonable choice as Ford and some other manufacturers are offering SUV-like cabins. Moreover, upper trim levels are a thing of a luxury nowadays. As for the Ram Dakota, we believe this model will be similar to the Ram 1500, in terms of interior design.

Thanks to that, Dakota will offer a larger infotainment screen, plenty of upright materials, and the latest systems and safety aids. Ram is known for offering upscale interiors and its trucks are among the best in their respective segments. However, we don’t know if Dakota will get the same trim levels as the Ram 1500.

2022 Ram Dakota interior

Engine Rumors

The forthcoming 2022 Ram Dakota will surely offer potent and reliable powertrain options. Again, Ford is currently a leader in terms of performances. Of course, nothing can compete with FCA and its astonishing Hellcat engine. However, Ford’s EcoBoost is perhaps the most proven lineup of engines. If Ram wants to compete with that, Dakota will have to offer at least one potent unit.

Luckily, Ram has a couple of options, including diesel and gasoline variants. The first engine that comes to our mind is a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel powertrain. As for the gasoline variants, Pentastar six-cylinder engine is the most likely outcome. That means Dakota will ride on 3.6-liter gasoline and a 3.0-liter diesel outputs.

2022 Ram Dakota diesel

What About High-Performance Variant?

Every established manufacturer offers at least one high-performance pickup truck. Ford is again a perfect example and its Raptor variant. Raptor is offered in both F-150 and Ranger models. It is one of the most capable off-road high-performance trucks you can get. As for the 2022 Ram Dakota, there are a couple of possible outcomes.

2022 Ram Dakota specs

Years ago, Ram offered a Runner model that directly competed with Raptor. Now, Ram offers the “Rebel” version. Dakota Rebel is our guess and it seems like the most likely outcome. This version won’t offer a Hellcat engine like the Rebel TRX model. However, a potent Elephant engine could become available and it will deliver almost 700 horsepower.

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