2021 Lordstown Endurance grille

2021 Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Truck That Starts at $52,500

The brand-new 2021 Lordstown Endurance is one of the upcoming trucks you should pay special attention to. At the moment, the demand for this interesting model isn’t that high. However, if you wait for a little more, you’re going to realize how cool this model is. So what is Endurance? It is an all-electric pickup truck produced by Lordstown Motors.

This model will be made in one of General Motors’ former plant in Ohio. According to numerous reports, this model will cost around $50,000. It will try to rival other newcomers such as Bollinger, Tesla, and Rivian pickup trucks. You can expect a very cool design from Endurance, a modern interior, and great performances.

2021 Lordstown Endurance exterior

2021 Endurance Comes With Futuristic Design

Interestingly, all of the upcoming all-electric SUVs and trucks are looking very futuristic. It seems like no one wants to risk with a traditional design anymore. The 2021 Lordstown Endurance is another such a model that will feature a very modern and futuristic design. Surely, Endurance won’t look odd as Tesla Cybertruck, which is great. From the side, this model is very similar to the Ford F-150 pickup. On the other hand, the side profile looks cleaner and the shape is different.

The front fascia hosts a closed grille with a Lordstown badge in the middle of it. The headlights are very sleek and attractive. However, we don’t like the side mirrors that are too big for our taste. Lordstown provides amazing bodywork and gorgeous lines. The wheels are a perfect fit as not a single feature looks too aggressive or anything similar.

2021 Lordstown Endurance rear

Interior Specs

At this point, we don’t have exact interior details. Surely, the forthcoming 2021 Lordstown Endurance will provide a unique interior design that also looks very modern. Unlike Cybertruck, Endurance pickup will offer something different. For a start, a large display is available and most of the controls are touch-sensitive.

Moreover, the cabin is less futuristic and it offers plenty of traditional features. According to the latest reports, there will be room for five people. Moreover, this model will provide a lot of luxuries such as leather seats, high safety ratings, and other premium amenities.

Engine Details, Power, Driving Range

Again, we don’t know all of the mechanical details. New 2021 Lordstown Endurance will get a four-motor configuration. That means a four-wheel-drive setup is offered as standard. From what we know, the Endurance pickup truck will provide around 600 horsepower. On the company’s website, you can see Lordstown’s promises such as 200-plus miles of driving range.

The battery capacity is a huge mystery at the moment, unfortunately. However, Lordstown did say that the battery will take 10 hours at 7kW to charge from zero to 95 percent. Furthermore, DC charging will be possible. Endurance will tow up to 6,000 pounds but the top speed and acceleration figures are still not available.

2021 Lordstown Endurance grille

2021 Lordstown Endurance Price and Release Date

You can already pre-order the new 2021 Lordstown Endurance. The price will start at $52,500 and the reservations can be completed on the official website. To compare, Tesla Cybertruck will cost less but we need to see full vehicle specifications. The sales will start at some point in 2021, most likely in the first quarter of the year.

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