2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Review

If you are looking for a premium pickup truck, Honda might have a solution for you. The 2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition is one exclusive pickup truck. Unlike the rest of the competition, Ridgeline deploys a uni-body platform. Thanks to that, the Ridgeline model comes with better driving manners. Handling is similar to the modern SUVs which is impressive. Black Edition is a premium model that won’t come cheap. However, it offers an astonishing level of luxury.

The design looks very unique and modern. On the other hand, the interior delivers a more subtle approach with some premium amenities. Also, plenty of standard features are available. On top of that, AWD system comes as standard too.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition side look

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Changes

You won’t find much more modern pickup than the 2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition. Design is very premium and unique. Styling is attractive and the whole pickup looks handsome. Unlike the base model, Black Edition adds more chrome accents, mostly up front. The rear bumper looks exclusive and the front grille is perhaps the highlight of the front part. You can find plenty of black trims all around the vehicle.

That includes stuff such as skid plates, exterior mirrors and door handles. The black paint looks exclusive and the whole body looks aggressive. To the sides, 18-inch alloy wheels are available. You can find the same wheels on the RTL-E trim level. However, Ridgeline Black Edition adds the all-black variant.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition interior

Cabin Offers Comfort

At first glance, you won’t find so many differences between the base model and the 2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition. That means the seating layout is the same. Also, the arrangement of the buttons and controls is the same too. However, Black Edition adds so much luxury from the inside. This trim level comes with so many premium amenities. More importantly, most of the amenities are standard.

Comfort is perfect and design is subtle. Leather upholstery comes as standard. Even the steering wheel comes with leather materials. Black leather seats are looking very cool, especially with the red contrast stitching. It is a premium combination that looks gorgeous. If that is not enough for you, Red Ambient Lighting is available. It makes night rides amazing. Even the red backlighting on the display units is contributing to that premium feel. Basically, all of the features that are optional on the base Ridgeline, are standard on the Black Edition trim.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition engine

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Engine Specs and Towing Capacity

Under the bonnet, the 2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition won’t introduce any changes. That means the same 3.5-liter V6 is available. However, there is no actual need for changes at the moment.

This engine comes with a 6-speed speed automatic gearbox and the standard AWD system. Also, Intelligent Variable Torque Management is in the offer. A V6 engine is producing up to 280 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. The Black Edition model can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition rear

Price and Release Date

The upcoming Honda Ridgeline Black Edition will cost $44,000. Ridgeline pickup is available in six trim levels.

Just for comparing, the base model is priced at $30,000. For the level of luxury you get, Black Edition isn’t that much expensive. This pickup truck will hit the markets in the last quarter of 2019.

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