2018 gmc sierra hybrid review

2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid (finally) available in all 50 countries of U.S.

Two years after initial launch, 2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid finally becomes available in all 50 countries of the United States. Two years ago, the company released a hybrid version of the famous truck. Though, it wasn’t the first time to see this kind of Sierra.

The original electrified version of the truck dates from 2004. That was the first time the company started this adventure. The second generation also received a hybrid version. This time, it stayed much longer in production. It was in the offer between 2010 and 2013. However, slow sales were the main reason for discontinuation both times. This didn’t stop the company from further development of new technologies. Even the current generation had a hybrid version. For last few years, this version was available in California exclusively. From this year, 2018 Sierra Hybrid is available across the United States.

2018 gmc sierra hybrid

2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid (finally) available nationwide

Well, there is no bigger difference between 2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid and gasoline models. Moreover, this version could be considered as some kind of an optional feature. It is finally available nationwide. It will cost you additional 1.125 dollars. However, since it is available in SLT trim only, total sum goes much more compared to base models. In terms of base design characteristics, there are no bigger differences. This model comes with a familiar design language, which is present across Sierra line for several years. There are also familiar offerings in terms of cab configurations, bed length and similar stuff. The current generation is about to end its production cycle next year. So, we can consider that 2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid is just an introduction to what we are going to see with the next generation of this amazing truck.

2018 gmc sierra hybrid rear view

2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid equipment

As we already mentioned, this hybrid version is not available in base trim levels. It comes with hi-range SLT model, which is the second highest in the whole range. This version offers a good balance between convenience and utility. The list of standard features is pretty long. You get things like dual-zone climate control, 8-inch touchscreen, leather-wrapped steering wheels and many other conveniences. Also, there are many options. Some of them are leather upholstery, heated seats and steering wheel, navigation, premium sound system, navigation and much more.

2018 gmc sierra hybrid interior

Outside the cabin, you get advanced systems like forward-collision warning system, lane departure warning, as well as All-Terrain package. This package includes various exterior modifications, as well as things like off-road suspension and other mechanical tweaks that improve overall capability of the truck.

2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid powertrain

Here is the most important part of the 2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid. This is basically an optional package, called eAssist. Along with a familiar V8 engine, you get a 0.45-kWh lithium-ion battery and 15-kW electric motor. This feature brings some nice improvements when it comes to performances. First of all, this makes 2018 Sierra Hybrid the most efficient truck in the class. With the improvement of 2 mpg, this truck goes up to over 20 miles per gallon in a combined drive. A better fuel economy isn’t the only benefit from the eAssist package. It gives additional 13 horsepower and 44 pound-feet of torque to the overall output, improving acceleration and top speed. On the other side, this package adds only 100 pounds, which shouldn’t affect overall performances.

2018 gmc sierra hybrid front view

2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid price with eAssist

As we already mentioned, the eAssist package costs around 1.125 dollars, which definitely isn’t much. However, you should consider that this feature comes only with SLT trim. So, 2018 GMC Sierra Hybrid actually goes around 50.000 dollars in base version.

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