2022 Ford Courier release date

2022 Ford Courier: First Details Available

The upcoming 2022 Ford Courier is the brand’s new compact pickup truck. However, the pickup truck won’t use the Courier car as its base. Instead, Ford will deliver a unibody architecture with more rugged styling. This model will reach American soil, so it needs to satisfy the needs of American customers.

Courier will slot below the mid-size Ranger, and it will also fill the gaps created by Fiesta and Focus model that are ending with the production. New Courier could arrive with a different name, and the possible outcome is the Ford Ranchero nameplate. Lastly, Courier could arrive as a member of the Bronco family.

2022 Ford Courier redesign

2022 Courier Will Use Body-On-Frame Platform

As for the exterior design, the new 2022 Ford Courier will look more rugged. It is a compact pickup truck that rides on the unibody architecture. Some styling cues will be taken from the Ranger pickup truck and the Bronco Sport SUV. The result is a boxy pickup with a blockier front end and a traditional truck profile.

Furthermore, Courier will arrive with beefy wheel arches and a classic truck-like bed. The tailgate trim panel is visible at first glance, and the cab flows into the bed. This suggests a car-based pickup truck, but some things are not available yet. Courier should arrive with a front-wheel-drive system, just like the latest models such as Ford Escape, Lincoln Corsair, and new Bronco Sport.

Engine Details

Under the hood, this compact pickup truck will offer a familiar engine lineup. Whatsoever, engines are taken from the Bronco Sport SUV that will arrive later this year. According to a leaked document, there will be two powertrain options. Both units are EcoBoost engines, and the first option is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder output. Standard engine choice will produce 180 horsepower.

The optional powertrain is a 2.0-liter turbo-four variant that generates around 250 horses. Both variants are available with an eight-speed automatic transmission. A similar engine lineup can be found in the Escape crossover as well. However, Courier should deliver more power than Ford’s crossovers and SUVs.

2022 Ford Courier engine

Courier Could Arrive With a Different Name

As for the possible name, Courier is the most likely outcome. However, new reports are suggesting a different name. The 2022 Ford Courier is not official, and it could arrive as the Ranchero model. Ranchero was a popular pickup truck a few decades ago. Reviving older nameplates is a popular move by almost every manufacturer in the world.

There is a third possible outcome. The new model could become a member of the Bronco family. If that really happens, a compact pickup truck will arrive with Bronco’s name, and it will offer a suffix next to its original name.

2022 Ford Courier price

2022 Ford Courier Price and Release Date

The approaching 2022 Ford Courier will be built in Mexico, along with the Bronco Sport SUV. Ford will build its brand-new models in the Hermosillo plant. The compact pickup will arrive in the United States later next year. Moreover, Courier will go on sale in Canada and Mexico. The price is still a mystery, but the new model will surely cost below $30,000.

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