2018 Ford Super Chief

2018 Ford Super Chief Review, Price

According to automobile industry veterans, 2018 is going to be an eventful year for the pickup truck segment. Nearly all major carmakers including the likes of Toyota and GM are going to introduce new models in both light and heavy-duty pickup segments. Ford is a long time player in this segment and it may actually unveil the production version of 2018 Ford Super Chief.

The Super Chief truck may actually see the light of the day- as per the industry buzz. Ford has been quiet on the topic but that has not stopped online rumor sites from coming up with speculative renders.

2018 Ford Super Chief front

Ford Super Chief History

The concept model was named Ford F-250 Super Chief and it was showcased back in 2006. Back then, it managed to create enough buzz. The design was futuristic and attractive but the USP of this concept truck was unique tri-flex fueling system. It could run on hydrogen, E85 ethanol and gasoline. The vehicle was a crew cab model.

2018 Ford Super Chief Design possibilities

The 2018 Ford Super Chief may actually be launched by Ford after a long delay. However, the design of the production version may differ from the concept showcased a decade back. It is going to be a stylish truck with enough amenities, aimed at buyers with deep wallets.

So, typical Ford style grille with chrome plating at the front is expected. The design similarities with Ford Super duty series of trucks may be there. It may get laden with FOG lamps and LED lamps. However, it is not clear whether Ford will launch it in few trims or not. The truck can also get large alloy wheels.

2018 Ford Super Chief Interior

The cabin of upcoming ford Super Chief may be stylish and sleek, just like the exterior. It may get features like leather wrapped seats, wood trim, dual-zone climate control and sunroof. Ford may also use several noise insulating materials to ensure cabin remains quiet. The cabin will have enough place to accommodate 4 adults and different types of small item storage pockets and bins will be there.

Safety and Amenities

Like most of the models in Ford’s 2018 lineup, the upcoming Ford Super Chief truck will get enough safety features and amenities will be aplenty. A large touchscreen unit will sit on the dashboard. The new Sync 3 infotainment may be there in it. Radar and sensor-based driver assistance features will be present.

2018 Ford Super Chief interior

2018 Ford Super Chief Engine

It is not clear if the company is going to use a new engine in the upcoming 2018 Ford Super Chief or use a modified version of powertrain used in the existing Super Duty lineup.

However, industry sources say a new hybrid setup may also be there under the hood. It is not going to be exactly an off-road centric truck. However, towing capacity should be decent.

2018 Ford Super Chief rear

2018 Ford Super Chief Price and Debut

The debut of the 2018 Ford Super Chief will be in a couple of months. However, the expected price can be close to $35.000.

Summing it up

The Ford Super Chief truck may prove to be a sleeper hot for the company. Ford needs to keep pricing reasonable and use a suitable powertrain in it.

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