2018 Ford F-650

2018 Ford F-650 Review

The newest 2018 Ford F-650 is a medium-duty commercial truck, which has been manufactured by Ford since the year 2000. Before 2014, these trucks were manufactured as a part of joint venture between Navistar International and Ford. Ford F-650 is mainly available as a straight truck in various cab configurations.

Businesses and municipalities use these trucks quite commonly and they are mainly used for construction, towing or a box van. The 2018 Ford F-650 belongs to the second generation of the vehicle, which started from 2016 and is continuing to the present day.

Various kinds of changes were implemented in the second generation Ford F-650 commercial truck for its betterment and improvement. The 2018 Ford F-650 comes in three different trims – Ford F-650 SD Gas Pro Loader, Ford F-650 SD Diesel Pro Loader and Ford F-650 SD Gas Straight Frame.

2018 Ford F-650 front

2018 Ford F-650 Comes with a strong structure

It is needless to say that the 2018 Ford F-650 has a burly and tough appearance, which is quite obvious for a medium duty commercial truck. All the trims of the vehicle have muscular looks. The bumper and the grille adds to the strong structure of the vehicle. The front bumper is also painted in black in all the three trims.

The bold grille also accentuates the front fascia of the truck greatly. The headlights, taillights and the daytime running lights in the vehicle ensure that there is no visibility problem. The wheels of the commercial truck are wide and with special grip facility so that the vehicle can run on all kinds of terrains without any kind of problem.

2018 Ford F-650 Interior Design

The interior of Ford F-650 is also stylish. Each trim can accommodate passengers comfortably. The vehicle also comes with climate control facility including defroster and air conditioning. There are demisters on both sides of windows.

The instrument panel has color coordinated accents. Cruise control is also a special feature in the truck interiors. High-quality materials is there for the seating arrangements inside the vehicle. Furthermore, the interior has entertainment systems in the form of SYNC and AM/FM stereo with MP3 compatibility.

2018 Ford F-650 interior

2018 Ford F-650 Engine Specifications

The Ford F-650 engine comes with three trims that vary from each one. They are as follows:
• Ford F-650 SD Gas Pro Loader – This trim has 6.8 liters Triton Gas V10 engine, offering 320HP of power and 460 lbs-feet of torque. It comes with the 6-speed automatic transmission.
• Ford F-650 SD Diesel Pro Loader – This trim runs on 6.7 liters PowerStroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine offering 270 HP of energy and 675 lbs-feet of torque. This engine is also coming with the 6-speed automatic transmission.
• Ford F-650 SD Gas Straight Frame – This trim has 6.8 liters Triton Gas V10 engine with 320HP and 460 lbs-feet of torque.

2018 Ford F-650 side
2018 Ford F-650 Pricing and Availability

The new model Ford F-650 price vary from one another. The Gas-Pro Loader variant starts from a price of $55,955; the Gas Straight Frame has a beginning price of $57,610 while the Diesel Pro Loader has a starting price of $65,925.

The vehicles are already available in the market and customers are free to choose the trim which suits their needs and requirements in the best manner.

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