2021 Fiat Fullback

2021 Fiat Fullback End of Production?

A couple of years ago, Fiat had the idea to release a pickup truck in the markets. After an agreement with Mitsubishi, the result was the Fiat Fullback. This pickup should represent a modified variant of a more famous L200 pickup truck. However, the only time we saw this model was at the international presentation in Italy. At the time, Fullback already looked outdated and far behind its main competitors.

However, Fiat did make sure to deliver this model in countries where Mitsubishi didn’t. Now, the speculations about the end of the production are getting hotter and hotter. Due to poor sales and lack of interest in order to meet the emission regulations, end of production seems like the most likely outcome. However, some reports are still convinced the 2021 Fiat Fullback could arrive with further modifications and give it another try. Let’s see if that really happens.

2021 Fiat Fullback front

2021 Fiat Fullback Design

If the rumors are true, the 2021 Fiat Fullback could arrive once again. This time, Italian automaker will deliver a more upscale look and more reliable performances. The alternative for Mitsubishi’s L200 model will suffer a lot. Of course, some parts are similar or the same as on the L200 model. However, the future model will look more unique and we can expect plenty of new stuff.

Fullback will probably get a new platform. The current architecture is aging and it needs to be upgraded. The new platform will be the same platform that underpins the current Nissan Navara pickup. Fiat Fullback will continue with its four-door configuration and larger cargo area. On top of that, we can expect numerous changes in the front fascia and the exterior will look sharper than before. Thanks to the new platform, we can also expect small dimensional changes.

2021 Fiat Fullback interior

Interior Improvements

One of the main reasons why the sales were so poor was the aging interior. As we already wrote, when the first Fullback arrived, it was already behind its competitors in many categories. Interior is just one of those things. Now, the 2021 Fiat Fullback could get a more stylish cabin with plenty of improvements.

A 7-inch display is offered as standard. Moreover, new infotainment system and larger optional touchscreen are available as well. The Italian manufacturer will deliver more high-quality materials and comfort will be much better now. Leather upholstery will remain optional. Extended Cab will be available once again. This cab configuration offers a room for four passengers. On the other hand, more expensive Double Cab comes with a five-seat layout.

2021 Fiat Fullback engine

2021 Fiat Fullback Engine

Fiat could pull a surprise or two. The 2021 Fiat Fullback could get an all-new powertrain. At the moment, it offers a 2.4-liter four-cylinder. The same engine can be found under the hood of the Mitsubishi L200 model. It produces 180 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. In 2021, Fullback needs to deliver a new engine option.

According to some reports, it could be a powerful V6 engine. New V6 unit needs to offer more power, quieter ride, and better capabilities. However, none of these speculations are confirmed yet. The new platform is borrowed from the Nissan Navara model. That means we could expect one of the Navara’s engines. This pickup already offers both gasoline and diesel options. It will be interesting to see an optional 2.5-liter or new 3.0-liter gasoline units. Both units will deliver around or over 300 lb-ft of torque.

2021 Fiat Fullback rear

Price and Release Date

If the Italian manufacturer really plans to continue with its Fullback pickup, the price has to remain or even be slightly lowered. The current model starts at around $30,000. New 2021 Fiat Fullback will cost exactly the same or below that.

Upper trims will cost over $40,000 and Fiat Fullback Cross model is priced at $35,000. New Fullback should firstly arrive in Europe in the second half of 2020. After that, this model will be released in Africa and Asia. However, it looks like the Fullback is closer to the end of production than with a new try.

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